Tuesday, April 27, 2010

quick list

I found the documentary section of Netflix streaming and I am so totally hooked. There was an amazing documentary on body modification that was absolutely fascinating. There was also a great documentary on Hasidic Judaism. Now I'm watching a documentary called Art City which chronicles artists and their process. While all the artists are really interesting, beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. I can't say that I understand a lot of their works. They featured Amy Adler who's pastel drawings I found absolutely incredible. I just don't understand her process of photographing her drawings, printing them and then destroying the originals. I was in group therapy when I was around 15 years old and one of the girls in the group, her sister was a fantastic artist. She made this incredible collage using newspaper and magazine pictures and words and then painted american flags over it. She said it was an incredible piece of political artwork. She was appalled when her sister took this beautiful collage, sprayed it with lighter fluid and lit it on fire and proceeded to take pictures of the piece as it burned. I suppose I always look at art as creating and not destroying.

Anyway. I wanted to make quick note of some of the artists whos' works that I have really liked and would like take some of their elements and move them into my own art.

So far I have:

Chuck Close - breaks down photographs into grids and seurat-like creates donut shaped areas of color within the grid space that will form the picture when you step back from it; utilizes HUGE canvases.
Richard Tuttle - minimal approach of form and line with wire, wood and paint ie one inch rope nailed to a wall
Agnes Martin - acrylic paintings of soft stripes of varying pale colors to represent happiness and tranquility
Carolyn Martin -free form pencil and charcoal abstract drawings with movement

Other notes:
Cardboard end pieces could be arranged to simulate balls of yarn
Look into different wire, not just limit to copper
Must obtain broken bottles (or whole bottles that I can break myself) for still life

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