Friday, May 14, 2010

Another project...?

I am currently waiting for my color test swatches and my background boards to dry. Unfortunately, I did them in oils so they will take days. And this pause is frustrating me.

In the meantime, I thought I would attempt my library project. The library project is also frustrating me. I know all the different materials I want to use but I have no idea how I want to combine them all. I have no idea what I want the pieces to say. I'm thinking that I should just shelve this project completely until I come up with something down the road. Yes I think I may just do that. Sometimes if you step away from something it will clarify later.

I don't think I should start another art project to do in the middle of the drying times. I should really work on my father's painting. It's going no where fast. The petals are just giving me such a damned hard time and I have absolutely no idea why. It doesn't help that I also just ruined my wooden palate and three of my brushes. I forgot to clean them off after my last painting session and left them for three days in my studio. I didn't even try to salvage them. I just tossed everything.

I know that I should really work on my quilt but a lot of what needs to be done with that is correction and seam ripping which is basically like having my fingernails ripped out slowly. It's long. It's boring. It's tedious. And I seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again and that makes it even worse.

I think I need to step back in general to keep from letting all my ideas overflow and end up making me manic.

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