Friday, May 14, 2010

Baha'i Series tests

The type held up surprisingly well against the elmer's glue and water mixture I used to a-fix the tracing paper to the canvas paper. The canvas paper did not at all like the copious amounts of water. It warped a lot and that warping did not go away. I'm probably going to end up using the canvas boards instead to avoid the warping issue. I still need to experiment more with the glue issue because I'm not sure how well the glue will stick to an oil based paint. I also want to see if it will be possible to glaze over the tracing paper afterwards. I'm also not sure about whether or not that will work out. I also need to research glazing techniques because I don't know anything about it.

I was really inspired by the work of Agnes Martin. I saw her work featured in a documentary and her paintings were incredibly simplistic. I was really moved by the fact that she said she was trying to paint tranquility and peacefulness. I was really inspired by her delicate hues. She uses very faintly tinted whites for a lot of her paintings and those colors are incredibly difficult to reproduce without taking it too far. I may need to paint larger swatches. I'm looking for luminosity and colors that are glowing a little. So far my favorite is the cadmium red light tint. It has this great warm glow to it.

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