Sunday, May 9, 2010


So I've made it a new goal (yes I know I seem to have a great many goals lately) of memorizing a bunch of Baha'i prayers. The first of which is going to be the Long Obligatory Prayer. Yes, this will be a very big undertaking. I have the standard few Catholic prayers contributed to my memory that have been engrained there due to years of repetition. I have yet to encounter a Catholic prayer that is as long as the Long Obligatory Prayer. I've chosen this one since it seems to be the daily obligatory prayer that I seem to recite the most.

I did a little poking around on the web and found several websites about memory tips and techniques for actors very useful. Most of the other memory technique pages were, well, for students attempting to memorize facts and terms and other things. And while I did find those techniques valuable in school, it's not really applicable to something like memorizing an entire passage. I'm hoping that I will one day be able to do a Fahrenheit 451 and memorize something in its entirety like a book or something since it's on my bucket list. Yes, I know... most people want to go sky diving or see the pyramids or something like that. Yes, I want to memorize an entire book or long ass poem. I'm weird I know. There are also some Shakespearean monologues that I want to be able to recite from memory as well.

I found some great ideas... typing out the sentences... reading the sentence and then attempting to repeat the sentence from memory and doing this one sentence at a time... I'm sure I'll give them all a go.

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