Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More minor fiddling

I did some more minor fiddling with the cherry cup and the table shadows. The painting and re-painting sections is really starting to get under my skin. I am continually fudging the rim of the cup without success. I have been unable to replicate the tapered and rounded edge to my satisfaction. The inside of the cup is also proving difficult. I completely painted over the tops of the cherries. Actually, the entire cup is wrong. The oval shape is far more wide and doesn't come up as high on the pitcher. I don't want to leave it but the pitcher right now is beautifully rendered to me. I don't want to have to repaint any of it. I plan on working the cherries more thoroughly once the inside of the cup and the rim dry. The cup isn't my focus, the pitcher and the cherries themselves are so I think I may just let the cup's flaws go. This paint is not going to be one I'll be able to keep around the house, I may give it to my parents. It will continue to bother me if I keep it around.

I did some more work on my "Manhattan Henge" painting. The photograph I am working from appears to have been taken on whatever street it is that the Chrysler building is on and that famous building is in the picture. I'm debating whether to include it or to not bother trying to make that particular building distinguishable or not. I'm leaning towards not trying to replicate the building and instead creating a non-descript building with a spire on top. I like shapes on the right side. I don't want both sides to be just typical square buildings and I have that on the left side. There are some beautiful light sections, almost like highlights, of the canvas underneath. In retrospect I wish I had thought ahead more and used that somehow.

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